Brayns python client is distributed as a Python package available at BBP devpi server:

$ pip install -i brayns

Only Python 3.6+ is supported.

Prior to running pip install, we recommend updating pip in your virtual environment unless you have a compelling reason not to do it:

$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools

On BB5

On BB5, you can get a Brayns python client installation using virtual environments

You can create a dedicated virtual environment using this sequence of commands :

$ module load unstable
$ module load python
$ python -m venv my_virtualenv_folder

The name my_virtualenv_folder is just a suggestion and can be changed. Once the virtual environment is created you need to activate it using :

$ . my_virtualenv_folder/bin/activate

This provides you with a virtual env with the latest supported version of python on BB5. Then you need install Brayns python client in this virtual environment :

$ pip install pip setuptools --upgrade
$ pip install -i brayns