Brayns API


Brayns is a ray tracing based renderer written in C++ that can be configured to run a websocket server. This binary executable is called braynsService and can perform various renderings.

This instance can be monitored by a websocket client using a JSON-RPC API.

For convenience, a Python package is provided to wrap the websocket communication with classes and functions and hide low level JSON-RPC messages.

This API (websocket or Python) has the following features:

  • Load models into brayns (circuits, meshes, volumes, …).

  • Load and/or attach simulations to models (compartment and spike reports).

  • Modify their visual appearance (color, simulation color ramp, …).

  • Tune the renderers to achieve different visual results.

  • Render images and simulation videos and save it to disk.


Authors and Contributors

  • Daniel Nachbaur

  • Cyrille Favreau

  • Jonas Karlsson

  • Roland Groza

  • Nadir Roman

  • Grigori Chevtchenko

  • Pawel Podhajski

  • Adrien Devresse

  • Sebastien Speierer

  • Fabien Petitjean

  • Adrien Fleury

Reporting issues

Brayns is currently maintained by the BlueBrain Visualization team.

Should you face any issue with using it, please submit a ticket to the issue tracker; or drop us an email.